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Mon Jan 18 @ 8:00AM - 05:00PM
City Hall Closed - MLK Day
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City Council Meeting
Mon Jan 25 @ 6:00PM -
Committee of the Whole
Tue Jan 26 @ 5:30PM -
Historic Preservation Commission
Mon Feb 01 @ 7:00PM -
City Council Meeting
Mon Feb 08 @ 6:00PM -
Committee of the Whole
Tue Feb 09 @ 6:00PM -
Planning and Zoning Commission
Mon Feb 22 @ 6:00PM -
Committee of the Whole
Tue Feb 23 @ 5:30PM -
Historic Preservation Commission
Tue Mar 08 @ 6:00PM -
Planning and Zoning Commission

Welcome to the City of Belvidere

  The Belvidere-Boone County Explorer Post #2009 presently has approximately 46 members ranging in age from 14 to 20.  Officer Thomas Jones is the advisor for the Belvidere Police Department.  Sergeant Arnold Mariani, Detective Candy Bunk, Deputy Dave Gallano are the advisors from the Boone County Sheriff Department.             

    The Post meets on the third Tuesday of every month at 6:00 pm at the Public Safety Building, in the training room.  During these meetings we generally have some type of police related training taught by an officer or deputy who has experience in that particular field.  Examples of this training include traffic crash investigations, traffic stop procedures, building searches, crime scene processing, domestic disturbances, first aid training, police communications and other topics.                

 Each explorer is expected to attend all meetings and participate in special events throughout the year on a regular basis.  When applicable the explorer is allowed the option of riding along with the advisors from the city or county while they are on duty.  Explorers also have a police style uniform that is expected to be worn at all times when participating in special events.   

The Explorer Post provides assistance to the Belvidere Police Department and the Boone County Sheriff Department by helping officers' and deputies with security and traffic control within the city of Belvidere and Boone County during the Boone County Fair (assisting the Boone County Sheriff Department), all city parades and most of the special events such as the Home Town Christmas celebration and Police Week at the Cherry Vale Mall.               

 Individuals wishing to obtain information about the Belvidere-Boone County Explorer Post #2009 may contact one of the advisors listed above at the Public Safety Building at 615 N. Main St. in Belvidere, IL. 61008.  You may also go to the National Explorers website at for more information.              

 To leave a voice message for a city or county advisor please call the following numbers:  815-544-9626 for city advisor Officer Jones (#560).  To contact county advisors' Deputy Gallano (#816), Sgt. Mariani (#713), and Detective Bunk (#427) call 815-544-9322. 


In this day and age of greater risks to our country and our communities, there may be times when the community needs to know about serious issues or events that may affect their safety and well being. This page will contain any special alerts or information should a serious issue or concern arise for our community.




Traffic Safety

DUI information and statistics for Illinois may be found by clicking on this web site...

If you would like information on Identity Theft, contact Officer John Fish at 815-544-9626 ext 6312.





Seasonal Information:

Snow Removal Ordinance 110-195

The City of Belvidere has a snow removal ordinance.  The ordinance requires that after 2 inches of snow, the City officials will initiate the snow ordinance.  this means that parking city streets and parking lots is not allowed.  Once the ordinance is in effect you will not be allowed to park back on the street until it has been cleaned curb to curb by the city snow plow.  It is important to know that the snow plow may come through an plow the driving lanes first and will come back later to plow the parking lanes.  During this time you are not allowed to park on the street until they come back and plow the parking lanes.






Car Seat Safety Check Information

The Belvidere Police Department has three certified car seat technicians on staff.  If you have questions or need your child's car seat inspected, you can call Officer John Fish at 544-9626 to make an appointment.  For more information about child safety seats, go to or

The Belvidere Police Department conducts two Citizen's Police Academies during each calendar year.  

    The graduates of the Citizen Police Academy are eligible to apply to become members of the Volunteers In Police Service program (VIPS). If you are interested in participating in this class or if you have questions, please contact Deputy Chief Pollock at (815)544-9626.  

Web Sites with more information about Citizen Corp

Boone County CERT & VIP

Citizen Corps

A-CERT Groups Yahoo Message Board

Training New Recruits

      Well you've just been hired to be a Belvidere Police officer.  What's next?  Do I get a gun and a squad?  Am I sent out to fight crime?  NO!

      Getting hired is just the first step in a long process to becoming a fully sworn police officer for the BPD.  You'll next be required to attend the  Police Academy where you will spend 12 weeks receiving training in criminal law, Illinois vehicle code, juvenile laws and procedures, search and seizure, rules of evidence, use of force, use of deadly force, how to use firearms, D.U.I., field sobriety testing, traffic crash investigation, report writing, court procedures, and many other areas of policing.  All this in a military type atmosphere.  

      Graduation from the Police Academy allows you to begin the next step, which is called the Field Training process.  This process is designed to give new officers on the job training under the watchful eye of a certified training officer.  It is a four step process that allows the officer to put into practice the lessons they have learned at the Academy.  After each step the new officer gets a new training officer and a new set of lessons that must be successfully completed.  Each officer is evaluated on their performance for each step and does not advance until they have satisfactorily learned and performed all lessons for each step.  Before an officer is cut loose on their own they must demonstrate a good working knowledge of criminal law, vehicle code, juvenile law, search and seizure, rules of evidence and Belvidere Police Department policies.

      So, after you get hired, you have at least eight more months of training before you hit the streets alone.

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