The City of Belvidere Building Department is responsible for permitting and inspecting all residential, commercial and industrial construction within the City of Belvidere. This includes all new construction as well as additions and rehabilitations. Additionally, the Building Department is the primary compliance arm for the City's Zoning Code and Property Maintenance Code.

Any time any new construction, addition, rehabilitation or a new use is contemplated for a structure, please contact the Building Department to ensure all necessary permits are obtained and to ensure that the property is properly zoned for the intended use.


On September  the City of Belvidere enacted Ordinance #309H adopting the following building codes.  These building codes will become effective for all applications for building permits after January 1, 2017:

2015 International Building Code                                                                        2015 International Mechanical Code

2015 International Residential Code For One and Two Family Dwellings       2015 International Fuel Gas Code

2015 International Fire Code                                                                                2015 International Existing Building Code

These codes are amended by local amendment as set forth in the 2015 Northwest Illinois Regional Building Code (the Regional Code) and in Chapter 22 of the City of Belvidere Municipal Code.  A copy of the 2015 Regional Code is available HERE.

Building Director: Kip Countryman


The "Carbon Monoxide Alarm Detector Act" is a state law that went into effect on January 1, 2007. It requires all residences (single family & multi-family dwelling units) to have carbon monoxide detectors installed. The law applies to both new and existing properties with few exceptions. Carbon monoxide detectors need to be installed within 15 feet of each bedroom and may be DC battery, AC plug-in with battery back up, or AC hard wired with battery back up.

PERMITS:     Before starting any project you should call 815-547-7177 to find out if a building permit is required.  Some of the projects that may require permits are listed below.  You may make an appointment to obtain a permit by calling 815-547-7177.  Alternatively you can now file an application for a building permit online for many types of permits by clicking the online application below.

ONLINE APPLICATION FOR BUILDING PERMIT.    83269efa1e0d1370f5f7f9b7b38819e2


Siding Handout
Windows & Doors
Central Air Conditioning
Porches Plumbing
Wiring Finishing Basements


Please call your local Building Department with your questions.  Our office is open Monday through Friday from 8:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m.  Questions regarding the City of Belvidere's building or zoning codes should be directed to this office.

When in doubt, call the Building Department

(815) 547-7177


If a building is designated as a historic landmark, additional requirements may apply to construction.  Please click the link above.

ZONING CODE: The City of Belvidere adopted a Zoning Code and Map on April 3, 2006.  Copies of the zoning code and map are available for viewing or purchase at the City of Belvidere/Boone County Planning Department located at 401 Whitney Blvd.

The Belvidere Department of Public Works would like to remind you that a permit is required prior to doing any work on a public right-of-way.  Some types of work requiring a permit include the following:

  • Sidewalk Installation or Replacement
  • Curb Cuts or Repairs
  • Driveway Approach
  • Water or Sewer Line Installation or Repairs
  • Landscaping or Tree Planting

Please call the Public Works Department at 544-9256 if you have any questions.  Their office is located at 401 Whitney Boulevard, Suite 200 and is open Monday through Friday from 7:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m.

401 Whitney Boulevard, Suite 300
Belvidere, Illinois  61008
Phone:  815-547-7177