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While door to door solicitation is legal, residents should be wary and keep the following in mind:

  • Any person engaging in sales or solicitation door to door must obtain a permit from the City.  If anyone attempts to sell a product or service to you (e.g. a new electric supplier) without a permit you should ask them to leave and call the police on their non-emergency number 815-544-2135.
  • If you do not wish to receive any door to door salespersons, you can place a “No Trespassing” sign in a conspicuous location on your property.  If anyone attempts sales, ignoring the sign, you should ask them to leave and call the police on their non-emergency number 815-544-2135.  Further, you are not required to answer a door.  If you do not recognize an individual at your door it is often best not to answer the door.
  • If anyone on your property makes you uncomfortable you should ask them to leave.  If they do not immediately leave you should call the police.  Do not confront them on your own.
  • You should NEVER share any personal information with any door to door solicitor until you have verified their authenticity and elected to purchase their goods or services.  This includes, but is not limited to, copies of existing utility bills, bank account information and credit card information.  The City of Belvidere does not partner with any commercial organization and never authorizes any door to door salesperson to demand or request personal information.
  • The City of Belvidere recommends that you refrain from making any agreement or signing any document with a door to door salesperson.  If you are interested in their product or service, the City recommends that you simply ask for information and a phone number that you can call if you are interested.
  • Never invite a door to door sales person into your home.




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Some door to door solicitors of electrical energy may have made fraudulent claims that the City has authorized them to view existing energy contracts. This is not true. We suggest that you do not share any existing documents, contracts or bills with unknown door to door salespersons. This information alone may allow them to switch your electrical provider, even without your permission.

We would like to remind residents about tips for solicitors that come to your home: -Ask for identification -Verify the individual and company -Inquire if they've obtained a permit from the city to solicit -Read any contract or agreement carefully -Don't be pressured -Listen carefully -Know your rights. The Federal Trade Commission's Three Day Cooling-Off Rule gives the consumer 3 days to cancel purchases over $25.00 that are made in their home or at a location that is not the seller's permanent place of business. -If you aren't interested in speaking with a solicitor, tell them so and ask them to leave.

In the event you should encounter an unscrupulous solicitor, try to obtain a physical description of the person(s)and report that information to the Belvidere Police Department (815)544-2135.


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Sewer Backups

Connection of storm water sump pumps to the City's sanitary sewer system is prohibited. Such connections quickly overload the system in severe rain events and may cause sewers to back up. Residents may receive notice to schedule an appointment for an inspection. Please respond within the time specified to assist the Department with preventing future sanitary sewer backups. If you have questions or concerns, please call 815-544-9256.

Storm Water Survey

Are you interested in or concerned about stormwater quality and run-off in your area? If so, please click here to fill out this survey. Thank you.