Education: Belvidere’s educational facilities include seven public grade schools, three private grade schools, two public middle schools, two private middle schools, and two public senior high schools. The public schools are a part of School District No. 100, who provides bus services for the schools.

According to the 2016-2017 Illinois State Report Card, District 100 enrollment is as follows:

Caledonia Elementary School- 365 students, Lincoln Elementary School- 595 students, Meehan Elementary School- 632 students, Perry Elementary School- 298 students, Seth Whitman Elementary School- 670 students, Washington STEM Academy- 900 students

Belvidere Central Middle School-1009 students, Belvidere South Middle School- 815students

Belvidere High School- 1,263 students, Belvidere North High School-1,505 students.

This totals 8,052 students enrolled within District 100. In addition, District 100 serves special education students up to the age of 21 with a transition program. This helps students learn to cook, find jobs, and go shopping.